Message from Chief Director, Professor. Takafumi Noguchi

Takafumi Noguchi
The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) were adopted by all United Nations Member States in September 2015 with 17 goals and 169 targets as a universal call of action to end poverty, protect the planet and ensure that all people enjoy peace and prosperity.As a party to pass on a better society and the global environment to the next generation, we all are required to take responsible actions for the social activities.
As a member of the cement and concrete industries that I have been involved in for many years, it is my honor to establish an organization that aims to carry out more environmentally friendly activities and businesses in this industry.
The world's cement production is 3,060 million tons as of 2015,*1 and when its converted to ready-mixed concrete, it is about 15,000 million tons, 5 times more which is 6,500 million m3.
In Japan, about 82 million m3 of ready-mixed concrete has been produced in 2019. *2
Ready-mixed concrete is a mixture of cement, water and aggregates. The extraction of natural aggregate causes soil erosion and ecosystem destruction. Considering that the process of producing concrete causes various impact on the environment, we need to think about environmental solutions to make our industry sustainable.
*1. data: from the annual cement industry report
*2. data: ZENNAMA
Our organization will provide broader support for research and development of new materials, technologies and methods, in cement and ready-mixed concrete as well as to participate in more of 3R(Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) activities to make a contribution for SDGs. Especially the goals of No.9 Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure and No.12 Responsible Consumption and Production.
  I have been involved in the establishment and revisions of JIS (Japanese Industrial Standard) related to concrete and I would like to continue to actively work on the standardization of the JIS with new materials and technologies.
In addition, about 3% to 5% of the total production of ready-mixed concrete is not being used, known as residual concrete / returned concrete, and requires disposal treatment. Total disposal concrete amount is about 195~325 million ㎥ annually worldwide and 2.5~4.1 million ㎥ of concrete in Japan.
All of the concrete products have to be JIS standard-compliant concrete to be used in Japan. However, unfortunately the products made from residual and returned concrete have not been standardized so there are many products using recycled materials but are not useable. Our organization will make efforts and investment to develop new standards from the perspective of recycling residual and returned concrete to minimize the environmental impact are being conducted. Also, to support for research and development of new materials, technologies and methods to have more solutions for recycling concrete.
We are pleased to announce that many companies from across the industry will participate in our organization including government officials, construction, cement, ready-mixed concrete plants, material manufacturers, equipment manufacturers, trading companies and more.
We are very excited to make our industry sustainable with SDGs goal No.17 Partnerships for The Goals.

Takafumi Noguchi

Chief Director              

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Advanced Concrete Recycling Affairs Council
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