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 Ready-Mixed and Returned Concrete Solution Association



We, RRCS contribute to build up our industry, which will not scrap away earth by using new raw material and recycling returned ready-mixed concrete


Three main goals for RRCS



The project is now in progress.

CP Concrete

Osaka Expo 2025

All concrete made from limited natural resources

Situation of residual concrete & returned concrete

The world's annual ready-mixed concrete production is 6,500 million m3. Even though the process of producing ready-mixed concrete causes various impact on the environment, about 3 to 5% of the total production of which is not being used and requires disposal treatment.

To be a sustainable industry

What we can do

Take statistics to understand the current situation
Determine the possibility of residual concrete & returned concrete to be a circulating resource
Revise and activate existing standards based on actual needs and situations
To actively raise new JIS standards for residual concrete & returned concrete with new materials and technologies.

Our field

Wide range of our activity field


Our Activities

Expanding our activities both domestically and internationally



New Technology introduction

Capturing the information from all over the world


We are RRCS

Ready-Mixed and Returned Concrete Solution Association

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